Ob „Craft-Beer“ oder „Homebrew“ – die Töpfer Kulmbach GmbH produziert professionelle Labels für spezielle Biere auch in Kleinstauflagen.

Töpfer enhances a unique taste experience

With professional labels for speciality beers in very small print runs!

Whether it’s for a craft beer or a homebrew – Töpfer Kulmbach GmbH is delighted to be producing professional speciality beer labels, even in incredibly small print runs! And by doing so, it is supporting those creative souls who are all about brewing and selling beer with a certain something.

The craft beer trend that started in the USA has long since spilled over to Germany via the UK and Scandinavia: craft brewing is enjoying a real renaissance. In these parts too, and despite sales of beer actually falling, more and more small breweries kept popping up, keen to produce unusual beers to their exact tastes. Although the enthusiasm and the media hype around the amber nectar did die away somewhat, according to Holger Eichele, CEO of the German Brewers’ Federation, 2019 will see yet more companies being founded and the variety of beers available to the consumer increasing. German craft beer is mostly characterised by hoppy/malty and aroma-heavy flavours. But from the visionary student to the experimental brewer or the creative hobbyist, all those who make their own craft beers have one thing in common: small batch runs. The attraction of this trendy drink, not only for the producer but also for the consumer, lies in its high quality and individuality, not in its suitability for mass distribution.

Creative and individual – craft beer means a variety of labels

The outside of the bottle needs to be just as unique as the taste found inside it: a craft beer label will usually have very little to do with a classic beer bottle label. Instead, it will seek to stand out from the crowd with a quirky design and clever wordplay. The small batch sizes involved can often cause problems for anyone wanting to put the finishing touches to their beverage with a great design. It is not always possible to print small-scale orders onto label paper professionally. But here at Töpfer Kulmbach GmbH, we can produce professional labels for speciality beers even in very small print runs of anywhere from just a few hundred to around 25,000 labels – and we can do it all with great flexibility and on label paper! The wide range of available finishes allows craft brewers to give their beers a label design as unique as the recipe itself. Even new products that are only being trialled in small quantities on test markets initially will really make an impact with labels from us.