Who is Töpfer Kulmbach?

Our principle: taking on responsibility both ecologically and economically!


Ecology and environment protection

"Green" labels and packaging: in matters of protecting our environment we don't compromise!

Our world faces a lot of environmental problems: air and water pollution is happening each and every day, natural resources are dwindling fast. That's why it's more important than ever to plan, work and produce  environmentally friendly and use all resources wisely and efficiently. As a manufacturer, we feel it is our duty to create environmentally friendly solutions for your labels and packaging – for a world that’s still worth living in 100 years from now!

Do it yourself

The Töpfer Kulmbach GmbH is proud of developing our own  environmentally friendly processes: heavy metal-free special printing inks, returnable systems for transport packaging and much more.

A good example: water protection. In bottle cleaning systems with susceptible technology, a particularly high ink adhesion of printing inks to label paper may be required. With our own DFH techniques, we use gravure printing to optimize the ink adhesion properties of your labels and minimize the amount of protection added to the cleaning solution.

FSC®-certified products and materials come only from sources that promote responsible forest management.

Why Healthy Printing Network? Interviews of partners

The spokespersons of Healthy Printing Network Partners EPEA, Huber Group, Töpfer, B.A.U.M. and Heider Druck present why they have joined the Healthy Printing Network membership and how their company is working on process optimization to ensure an environmentally sound and healthy paper flow process.