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How does Töpfer work?

Special Effects

embossing foil

  • high gloss for highest demands
  • new: also suitable for reusable products
3D embossing foil

  • adds physical, three-dimensional effects to the label
  • various designs to choose from, suitable for reusable products

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3D transfer system

  • 3D finishing as partial or full surface or on the spot selected elements

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Drip-Off coating

  • the budget matte / gloss effect for reusable products

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Soft Touch

  • surface feels silky soft with a subtle matte effect for reusable products

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Matt / gloss effects

  • a must for all high-end products

Nassleim mit MattlackNassleim mit Mattlack

Metallic effects

  • colors with metallic effect



  • MIC® brilliant gold and silver in gravure printing
  • THE benchmark for premium labels


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textured embossing

  • different options possible
  • visual highlights while optimizing technical processing

Special features

scratch fields

  • special features for short-run

coding and personalization

  • promotion labels

peel-off effects

  • additional advertising space


  • cap locks
  • promotion labels in combination with peel-off labels
Window cut outs

  • for attention-grabbing insights
  • eye catcher at POS

Special colors

Thermo reactive inks

  • use of defined temperature ranges
  • creative possibilities in label design for a real wow factor
Luminous paint

  • great eye-catching effects
UV-reactive colors

  • invisible markings for sorting and logistics
  • graphic highlights visible in UV light
DPG safety ink

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