How does Töpfer work?

Whether you are 20 or 20,000 km away from us,
we guarantee on time delivery!

Our tested systems based on foldable cardboard boxes guarantee easy and quick handling – for label bundle transport packaging as well as label bars. Their development is based on the principles of waste prevention, reduction and recycling. Bar packaging accelerates work processes on the labeling machine. We supply you with the right rod length for equipping automatic magazines - simply return the reusable transport container made of cardboard to us. Thanks to modern means of communication and today's logistics possibilities, the matter of location is largely insignificant.

Thanks to strategically placed consignment stocks and perfect logistics, product delivery is possible within 24 hours - which also ensures maximum customer satisfaction.

Worldwide locations

Our representative offices

Our representative offices

  • Egypt (in Cairo)
  • Austria / Switzerland (in Kulmbach, Germany)
  • Great Britain (in Chesham)
  • India (in Bhubaneswar)
  • Serbia / Romania / Bulgaria / Croatia / Bosnia - Herzegovina
  • Spain / Portugal (in Madrid, Spain)
  • Czech Republic (in Ceske Budejovice)

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