How does Töpfer work?

The MIC®-Process

The use of gold and silver effects is indispensable for high-quality labels and their promotional purposes. However, common processes use colors with environmentally harmful heavy metals. With MIC®  the use of all heavy metal colors has been completely discarded without losing highly brilliant metal effects!.

Our developed methods is particularly environmentally friendly: It makes metal color prints without heavy metals components possible – and still guarantees a brilliant print quality!

Our high-gloss MIC® gold and silver colors reinforce the classy appearance of your labels

The MIC®process is also particularly economical: in contrast to other methods, it requires significantly less energy, since the production of metallized paper is eliminated.


the next generation

Developed by Töpfer: Our very own MIC® high-brilliance metal gravure is a great alternative to standard metallization – with MIC®, excellent results are guaranteed. Working closely with both our customers and suppliers, we have created an even better version: MIC® Brilliant - the next generation! This special ink sets new standards in terms of premium labels and is the perfect alternative to conventional metallized papers - of course, without using heavy metals in the colors. MIC® Brilliant is suited for both disposable and reusable containers, it can be partially or fully glued. MIC® Brilliant is characterized by its unique gloss effect and extremely easy labeling. It can be used with other high-end finishes as well.


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