Wrap-around labels – cost-effective and environmentally friendly

Here at Töpfer Kulmbach we are upgrading our range of services with Adhesleeve technology!

Producing and applying wrap-around labels in a way that is cost-effective and environmentally friendly? Adhesleeve technology makes it possible. Töpfer Kulmbach GmbH is on a constant mission to improve. That is why we are working with this particular technology, so we can offer our customers an even better service.

In conventional roll-fed machines, labels are bonded with a hot-setting adhesive. However, this is not exactly simple, as these machines need to be cleaned regularly in order to remove adhesive residue from application cylinders or pads, for example. The entire production process is sometimes brought to a standstill too, since film and label residue sticks to the glue control units as well, which then must be cleaned. The adhesive fumes created by heating the glue present a problem on two fronts: first of all, they are a thorn in the side of mineral water producers, as the fumes could contaminate the water. And secondly, on a more general level, adhesive fumes are harmful to workers’ health. Thankfully, Adhesleeve technology makes these problems a thing of the past.

What makes Adhesleeve technology so special?

There is a simpler, better way: and it comes in the shape of Adhesleeve technology. It is one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions available in the field of roll-fed labelling, thanks to the use of pre-glued rolls of film for label printing. This is where our expert Töpfer knowledge comes into its own: we apply the coat of glue to the back of the film ourselves. The amount of adhesive to apply and its properties are permanently defined and cannot be modified by the customer’s machine operator during the labelling process. No hot-setting adhesive is needed to subsequently finish the labels in the labelling machine (an appropriate labelling unit is required for this), which is beneficial for several reasons. For a start, workers are protected from harmful adhesive fumes and there is no chance of the product becoming contaminated. There is no longer any need for laborious cleaning work using hazardous solvents either.

Pre-glued wrap-around labels also come with advantages in terms of cost: there are no more production downtimes due to cleaning, and production as a whole is much more efficient. The pre-glued roll-fed film is thinner than conventional film and the glue is applied a lot more precisely (compared to a hot-setting adhesive). So sleeves like this provide a cost saving, but without compromising on quality.

Our wrap-around labels: cost-effective, environmentally friendly and certified

We guarantee that the labels we print will be ideal for subsequent finishing. After all, top quality is our best quality! And we already have the official certification to back this up: P.E Labellers S.p.A. attests to the quality and conformity of our rolls of adhesive-coated labels when they are applied to PET bottles.

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