Töpfer supports the Healthy Printing Initiative

for eco-friendly printed products!

In order to continuously expand our environmental network and to further develop our products, we are now involved in the Healthy Printing Initiative.

This initiative seeks to optimize printed paper as an economic resource for composting and recycling - in line with the cradle-to-cradle principle.

The problem is a known one: the incompatibility of theory and practice. Theoretically, paper may be an ideal biological product that can be recycled once it has been used. But in real life, there are many aspects that make that process difficult: with bleaching and printing comes the use of additives that are anything but environmentally friendly – and these make it impossible to return the treated labels to the biological cycle. So the unusable paper ends up as real waste on incinerators. We at Töpfer Kulmbach GmbH see it as our duty to not only use recycled paper but also innocuous, “healthy” printing inks. With our commitment to the Healthy Printing Initiative, we want to set a good example and prove that label printing can be environmentally friendly!

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