Environmental protection according to the C2C principle

Nature knows no waste!

The numbers are alarming: According to statistics, around three billion tons of high-quality materials end up in landfills and incinerators in the EU alone every year. The improvement of this dire situation is not in sight. The concept of "Cradle-to-Cradle" (C2C) tackles the problem right where it starts and calls for a new way of thinking: C2C-certified products can be biologically or technically recycled - therefore the output of non-recyclable or compostable waste is completely avoided. In order to protect resources and to develop innovative processes together with our clients, we have furthered the topic of sustainability and realized the first projects according to the cradle-to-cradle principle.

In our cooperation with Carlsberg , we are implementing environmentally friendly labeling for the launch of their new product Carlsberg Greenest Green with C2C-certified colors!

The head of our development department, Dr. Ernst Simon: "Our client approached us with the challenge of printing labels that work based on the C2C principle. Our previous efforts with developing eco-friendly inks where already very close to C2C's requirements. So we only had to make minor adjustments to meet all specifications." The kind of used inks play a central role when it comes to sorting labels and returning them to recycling. We rely on water-based paints and mineral oil-free paints. Together with our clients, science experts and business partners, we are invested in developing new processes for resource-saving printing with the target of being able to recycle all materials.