Wrap-around Labels

Material: transparent, white or metallised film, paper or metallised paper
Processes: Offset printing, Gravure printing, Flexo printing
Processing: Cut or in reels

Transparent, white or metallised paper labels ideally compliment our range of products.

We are able to supply you with the suitable labels, whether individually cut or in reels, for any type or size of pack, bottle or container, be it glass, lightweight glass, PET, bottles or cans.
The production of high-quality labels that are compatible with any type of labelling process in the beverage industry requires specialised experience in the selection of suitable materials and processing machinery techniques, which is also reflected in the use of more and more thinner materials.

The advantages of wrap-around labels can be summed up as follows:
• They do not get damaged during transport (reverse side printing)
• They have anti-static properties
• They are resistant against humidity
• They are extremely attractive through their high-gloss

Our products can be used for all standard labelling systems at maximum running speeds.

For further information regarding special finishes, special inks and processes please refer to the page „Specialities“.
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