Highly brilliant metallic inks for rotogravure printing

Through constant further development and quality optimisation our highly brilliant MIC® gold and silver inks are able to improve the quality look of your labels through their special design-enhancing properties and have become a real alternative to the use of metallised paper. As the pre-printing of impervious white ink as a primer is not necessary, the high intrinsic whiteness of the label paper itself can now be used to its full advantage.

When printed on high-gloss paper our MIC® prints achieve a never-before experienced degree of metallic brilliance of the colours.

In order to optimise the promotional appeal of high-quality labels, one cannot do without the use of gold and silver effects in label printing today. Our MIC® development makes it possible for us to print metal colours without the use of heavy metal particles as constituent components of the inks. This development also guarantees a printing quality that meets even the highest expectations without polluting the environment.
Our products can be used for all standard labelling systems at maximum running speeds

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