Flexible Packaging

Materials: White paper, metallised paper and transparent, white or metallised film
Processes: Gravure printing, Offset printing, Flexo printing
Processing: In reels or cut

Europe wide we are one of the leading suppliers of high quality flexible packaging for the food and gourmet food industries.

Amongst others, we supply the following:
• The outer wrappers for coffee packages
• The outer paper wrappers for multiple packaging
• The wrappers used in rolls in the sweets and confectionary industries (for instance in chewing gum production)

Provided with a special protective or high-gloss finish, and the added possibility for reverse side coating with a hot sealing agent, our products are used by many well-known food and gourmet food companies
all over the world.  

Excellent printing quality combined with high-quality finishes ensure that also your products can make an outstanding impression on your customers in the market place.

Our products can be used for all standard labelling systems at maximum running speeds.

For further information regarding special finishes, special inks and processes please refer to the page „Specialities“.
For further information please get in touch with us.