Finishes and Specialities

Hot Foil embossing
• High-gloss effects for labels that meet even the very highest expectations
• New: also suitable for returnable systems

3D Stamping Film
• Brings physical, three-dimensional effects in the label
• Different designs for the choice, suitable for resuable products

3D Transfer System
• 3D finishing as partial or full surfaces or precisely on selected elements

Drip-off Varnish
• The inexpensive matte/high-gloss effect for reusable products

Soft Touch
• This finishing makes your labels feel soft and silky, showing a slite matte effect. Suitable for returnable systems

Matt/High-gloss Effects
• A must for particularly impressive product presentations

Metallic Effects
• Coloured inks with metallic effects

Rub-off Areas
• Special feature for small runs

Coding and Personalisations
• Individualised promotional labels

Peel-off Effects
• Gain additional display areas for advertising
• Reliable product declaration through pre-determined adhesive area

PODS Labels
• Three page booklets as wet glue labels

• For tamper-proof lids or caps
• For promotional labels in combination with peel-off labels

Window Die Cuttings
• For attention-getting insights
• As eye catchers at the point of sale

• MIC® highly brilliant gold and silver inks in Gravure printing
• The ultimate in premium labels

Thermo-reactive Inks
• Using pre-determined temperature ranges
• Offers creative possibilities in label design for generating extraordinary attention-getting effects

Fluorescent Inks
• Specially attention-getting through neon effects

UV-reactive Inks
• For invisible markings in sorting and logistics
• Produce special graphic highlights under ultraviolet light

Embossing of special Surface Structures
• Possible in different varieties
• Combining technical processing viability with the achievement of special optical highlights

DPG Safety Inks
• Töpfer Kulmbach GmbH is a certified user of safety inks