Technical development and application technology

Technical application and process customer service

To guarantee product safety in our manufacturing operation, our customer service determines customer-specific requirements from the technical application and process perspective. This is used in all areas of the product portfolio.

Firstly, customer requirements and technical prerequisites are determined. Based on these, we developed an individual product optimization for the special customer requirements and wishes.

• The determined requirements are analysed in the course of a customer visit, taking into account the application and technical process circumstances and possibilities
• If there are any reservations concerning the technical process, the customer is consulted and the solutions proposed by us are discussed
• By taking suitable measures, the knowledge gained flows into the later production planning
• For quality assurance, corresponding tests are carried out on the customer's premises under real production conditions
• After a successful test, the new knowledge is taken into account in the existing production process
• If a test is not successfully concluded, alternatives are developed and proposed to the customer
• After production commences, we remain at your side as a service partner and are available at any time to handle your questions or wishes

Customer-specific development with a synergy effect

To remain at the top at a worldwide level, or to exploit new markets, it is decisive to develop, discover and build up innovations and trends. To make good on our claim to quality also in this decisive discipline, we have set up an innovation committee that works together with all relevant parties (in-house and external) in a creative and goal-oriented manner in regular innovation meetings. Experts from the fields of purchasing, sales, product innovation, technical development/application technology, production and customer advisory services meet to develop ideas suitable for the markets and to discuss their feasibility. In doing so, a decisive role is played by our network of professionals and technology partners from the supplier and machine industries as well as universities and specialist institutes. Within this framework, specific projects and individual developments according to customer's wishes are of course also carried out. Often, new types of finishing are initiated that are not commonly found on the market.

The results of this exchange of experiences form the basics for our product innovation and development departments.