Technical skills

• 4 offset printing machines
up to 7 inks + lacquer
up to 750 x 1050 mm
• 3 rotogravure printing machines
up to 10 inks
up to 1220 mm

• 6 roll or stripe cross-cutters with embossing units for cutting of roll materials to correct format
• 3 roll cutters to process paper and film rolls into customer-specific automatic reels
• 1 "sleever" for manufacturing shrink sleeves
• 5 jogging machines
• 7 cutting machines
• 11 stamping systems for label production

Due to our part-ownership in folian GmbH of Stralsund, we also cover the entire flexoprinting production process. The latest manufacturing plant ensures the high quality of our sleeves and guarantees optimal handling on normal labelling systems. This also is confirmed by leading machine manufacturers.