Pre-press technology

In order to achieve the best possible printing results for our customers, all incoming data is processed in accordance with the latest technical standards, the basis for excellent printing results being laid in this facility. The most important aspects here are the exact reproduction of your design and the production facilities at Toepfer Kulmbach GmbH work to achieve just that.

On-going internal and external training of our highly specialised staff on the latest state-of-the-art software and systems enables our team to always keep abreast of the most advanced technologies.

Through the close cooperation of our in-house pre-press with our production facility, you benefit from the substantial synergy effects resulting from this teamwork.

For further information regarding the technical requirements of our pre-press facility click here.

Printing Processes
We offer you the chance to benefit from the advantages of the three most important printing processes. Depending on the required quantity, the technical facilities/conditions and the design characteristics, we are able to supply you with the optimal results using the printing technology most efficient and most suitable for your requirements.

Gravure Printing
• Highly brilliant, heavy metal free gold and silver inks
• The MIC(R) system can be used
• High intensity and excellent covering properties of the coloured inks
• Very good anti-abrasion properties
• Excellent ink adhesion
• Low CSB values
• Special embossing
• Cost-efficient production of large runs

Flexo Printing
• Particularly suitable for expansion-sensitive materials
• Economical production of small and medium runs
• Highly brilliant heavy metal free gold and silver inks can be printed
• The MIC(R) system can be used
• Very good anti-abrasion properties
• Excellent ink adhesion

Sheet Offset Printing
• Flexible and individual quantity selection for each single order
• Possibility of low-cost combination printing
• Cost-efficient for small and medium production runs
• Lower anti-abrasion properties
• Reduced gloss of ochre coloured, heavy metal free gold inks

Depending on the used printing process, it is possible to print up to 10 colours on a single machine run with a maximum width of 1.200 mm. Special aggregates enable us to print inline a variety of surface finishes, coatings and varnishings all on the outside and on the reverse side.