Our roots rely on the decades of tradition that have formed this company. For us continuity, reliability and confidence are most important for realizing our visions.Therefore we are keen to be geared to your wishes and needs and see this as the point of origin for our action.
Our business policy is designed to be long-termed, sustainable and develop continnous. The maxim that governs our dealings is to aim for a future that is ecologically sensible and economically responsible. Life here should be, and stay, worth living.
We set great value on a long-term relationship with our customers, our employees and our partners. It is always our intention to face new challenges and to develop ourselves with the needs of our partners.
We utilize our resources to strengthen our location, safeguard jobs and to expand. Investments in new technical plant and new technologies stand for our ability to compete, while the development of innovations is intended to keep and further open up our way to the top.
All apects mentioned above are understood as equal-value components of our commercial responsibility.
This is our task within society, for society. Always remaining aware that it is the people who define these values and about whom, in this big order of things, it is actually all about.

Values and visions must grow, be cared for and encouraged. This is what our team stands for.
We are looking forward to the challenge!