Our company history shows continuous growth over the last 90 years:

1920        Formation of a lithographic printing plant by Willi Toepfer
1930        Offset printing service added
1951        Move to the new location “Am Kreuzstein” in Kulmbach
1965        Materials testing laboratory opened
1967        Rotogravure printing service added
1970        Regional sales offices opened, foreign representatives appointed
1972        Rotogravure service added
1978        Packaging printing business added
1991        Turnover exceeds 100 million D-mark
1994        Film printing service added
1995        Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, label output exceeds the 20 billion
1998        All-round label film service added
2000        Sleeve labels (AfG) service added, proportion of exports exceeds 35%
2001        Labels output exceeds the 30 billion mark
2002        Töpfer holds a stake of folian GmbH - entry into flexographic printing

2007-2011 Further modernisation of the production facilities, such as finishing, offset printing as well as the building of a new hall for the accommodation of the new rotogravure printing facility, together with investment in new 10 colour rotogravure printing presses.