Print media technologist

In their apprenticeship, print media technologists are taught in depth how to conduct a high-quality printing process. Combining technical understanding and manual aptitude. The following tasks are waiting for you:

• Preparation of the necessary materials for printing
• Setting up the printing machines, including: mixing inks, clipping formers, setting up and adjustment of colours, cylinders and printing plates
• Monitoring of the production process, machine functions and quality control during the procution, also if necessary corrections of the machine settings
• Cleaning and servicing of the printing machines as well as the additional equipment

• Secondary school level certificate or school-leaver certificate
• Basic PC skills
• Technical aptitude and interest in technical matters
• Readiness for shift work
• Visual faculty and colour discrimination
• Team spirit, sociable and able to communicate 

Duration: 3 years

Vocational training college: State Vocational College II, Bamberg